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The usual warnings, disclaimers, and fine print

tl;dr I ain’t responsible for your actions or your choices (or the consequences of those actions and choices) when it comes to using psychedelics or any substances. This website is one man’s exploration of these molecules, mine, and while factual, should probably be considered “entertainment only,” and by continuing to read and use this website, you agree to hold me harmless for any negative consequences that may arise from anything you read here.

I am not encouraging anyone to use psychedelics or other drugs, nor am I suggesting anyone break the law, in spirit or in actual fact, and I’m certainly not encouraging anyone to use them in a similar manner as me. Some things to keep in mind:

I cannot sell you drugs, nor can I help you source them. Please don’t put either of us in an awkward situation by asking. The answer is immediately no. And besides, it’s fairly easy and inexpensive to grow psychedelic mushrooms on your own (just don’t put anyone else at risk in the process).

Second, psychedelics are illegal in most jurisdictions worldwide, with severe penalties in some areas for possessing them. Here in the United States, only a handful of municipalities have decriminalized some psychedelic drugs, and they’re still Schedule I substances at the federal level, ridiculous though it may be.

Third, individuals with a personal or family history of psychosis should avoid psychedelics, since they could occasion a psychotic episode. It’s not guaranteed, but I agree that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Plus, if I understand correctly, antipsychotic medications would likely diminish or prevent a psychedelic trip altogether. I can’t think of anything sadder than wasting psychedelics.

And finally, sometimes it just really is a bad idea to do drugs, especially psychedelic drugs. I’ve used these substances enough times to say with certainty that set and setting really do matter. Oh, sure, you might fly under the radar once or even twice, but sooner or later, psychedelics will kick you right in the nutsack, hard. (By-the-way, something as “simple” as not getting enough sleep or drinking enough water can negatively affect the (mind)set part of set and setting.)

That said, I will always advocate for cognitive liberty and informed drug use. That is, I believe adults should have the right to use or not use drugs as long as they 1) understand the risks and consequences of using those drugs, and 2) they don’t put anyone else, especially children, or animals in danger through their choice to use a drug.

It also means that by reading using this Web site, you agree to hold me harmless for any consequences that occur because you read something here, then decided to fuck around and find out on your own.

One last thing: I expect there will be people who don’t understand or who disagree with me and my choices, and that’s fine. Please do us both a kindness: avoid this Web site and block me where possible on social media. 🙏🏼

Image: Disclaimers (2024) // Credit: Midjourney and the author // Prompt: “disclaimers; technology, minimalist dadaist poster, collage, abstract, surreal, in the style of Marcel Duchamp –ar 128:71”